Solving application performance problems for remote users

Almost every business user now requires remote access to corporate applications whether from distributed offices, while on
the road, or from home. But slow response times and application delays when accessing the corporate network can be frustrating, and this can lead to missed deadlines and unhappy users. Replify’s Acceleration Suite helps you provide high-speed application access to your staff from any location without having to install new hardware or reconfigure your network. Faster access speeds and worker productivity combined with reduced bandwidth costs means we deliver the industry’s best ROI – you get payback in weeks, not years.

The Replify solution

Replify’s Acceleration Suite dramatically speeds-up the performance of your applications, with no new hardware and no network reconfiguration necessary, resulting in lower capital costs. We provide improved application delivery and massive bandwidth savings. Replify is a software-only solution that you can deploy within hours because you don’t have to install any new hardware at your operations centre.

Benefits of Replify at Glance

  • Faster applications: users have the same experience as if they were in head office, increasing productivity and reducing frustration.
  • Improved remote collaboration: users across geographic sites can work together productively in real-time, without being delayed by slow responses or data transfers.
  • Easy to deploy, easy to use: a software-only solution, so there’s no additional hardware to deploy and configure. You can be up and running within hours across all your sites.
  • Massive WAN Offload: the solution takes ‘bytes off the line’, reducing your bandwidth usage and reducing your costs.
  • Highly targeted: you can optimize the performance of specific applications like Sharepoint or AutoCAD, “drilling a hole” through your network to make them perform faster.
  • Proven ROI: save bandwidth costs, utilize your existing infrastructure, avoid wasting staff time; payback in less than a year
  • Supports existing infrastructure: leverages existing legacy applications and infrastructure

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