Remote Desktop (RDP) Solutions

Secure, simple & cost–effective remote access solutions for applications, data on Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, Blade PCs and Legacy host systems.

RDP Clients

Ericom Blaze (Accelerated RDP)

  • Ericom Blazes is breakthrough software that accelerates RDP network traffic by up to 10 times – across WAN, LAN, including WiFi, ADSL, 3G and GPRS networks
  • Delivers up to 10x faster display performance of graphics-rich content: browsers, PDFs, Flash, streaming video

Ericom AccessToGo (Native RDP clients for Tablets & Smartphones)

  • The fastest mobile RDP access to hosted Windows desktops and applications from iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch and Android Tablets & Phones and more: Free / accelerated mode
  • In Blaze mode, AccessToGo is transformed into an even faster and more efficient remote display

AccessNow (HTML5 browser-based RDP clients)

  • Ericom AccessNow provides and easy browser based access to Windows desktops and apps hosted on Terminal Servers (RDs) / VDI and to physical PCs
  • No installation on the end-user device
  • Versions for VMware View, Citrix and more

Native RDP Client for Chrome & Chromebooks (Free)

  • Fastest serverless (client-based) access to Windows desktops and applications from Google Chrome & Chromebooks: Free / Accelerated mode
  • Support for Google Chrome OS and for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux devices running the Chrome browser

Secure, centrally managed access to Terminal Services (RDS) and Virtual Desktops

Alternative to Citrix

  • As the Alternative to Citrix PowerTerm WebConnect delivers the same key security, reliability, performance, and usability features that Citrix provides – at a price organizations can afford

Virtual Desktop Access (VDI)

  • Ericom’s virtual desktop access Streamlines deployments of virtual desktops on leading virtualization (VDI) platforms
  • Provides secure, centrally managed access to both Terminal Services and VDI platforms

Server based Computing (SBC)

  • Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView secures and centrally manages access to server hosted applications.
  • Simplifies application and desktop deployment, management and support.

Enterprise-wide Access

  • Simplifies IT infrastructures
  • Reduces IT overhead
  • Centrally managed

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD in the Workplace

  • Customizable BYOD access solutions
  • Can be used in combination or each on their own
  • Increases productivity while minimizing IT hassles and reducing help desk support load
  • Easy setup

BYOD in Education

  • Allow students and staff to stay mobile, connected and productive — from anywhere, using any device
  • Help Ed Tech address the security, manageability and regulatory compliance issues associated with BYOD

BYOD in Healthcare

  • Enable the quick retrieval of healthcare data on the go from anywhere, using any device
  • Speed up the implementation of EHR
  • Reduce IT support costs

PowerTerm Terminal Emulators

TN3270, TN5250 and other classic terminal emulators

  • Standardize on a single host access solution, supporting over 35 terminal emulation types
  • Facilitates compliance with GLBA, PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and JSOX

Web-to-Host terminal emulation

  • Centrally manage configuration and software updates – save time and administrative resources

Terminal emulation for embedded thin client devices

  • Windows Based Terminals, Windows Thin Clients & Linux Thin Clients
  • We have OEM agreements with Wyse, VXL, Igel, Rangee, CLI, Chip PC

Industry Access Solutions


  • Extend the reach of students and faculty with secure, managed local and remote access to educational resources, from anywhere and any device
  • Enable students using Chromebooks to access Windows educational applications – and all websites


  • Centrally monitor access to applications to prevent fraud and lower security threats
  • Provide real-time, built-in assistance and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for IT staff to travel to remote locations


  • Lower costs & complexities of managing access to remote desktops and healthcare applications, from any user device, anywhere


  • Streamline the relationship between suppliers, partners and distributors
  • Secure, 24/7 access from any device, and any location helps to comply with standards that demand instant access to real-time information


  • Enhance the Quality of Service to the public while adhering to budget and schedule
  • Enable greater efficiency, improved security and reduced costs


  • Whether you are a phone company, mobile carrier, or a call center, Ericom Software can help you cut costs and refine your business processes

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